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Message from the Authors

We are well aware of how difficult it appears to learn a foreign language, and in this project we have aimed at providing you with a solid foundation that gets you well underway from zero, and presenting the study material in an easy-to-grasp fashion so that you learn Bulgarian almost effortlessly.

This is not one more of those learn-Bulgarian-in-1-hour courses, nor is it a boring academic textbook. It includes topics of particular interest to foreigners, such as Bulgarian phrases about properties / real estate vocabulary, love phrases, and all audio material is recorded by native Bulgarians, living in Bulgaria, speaking contemporary Bulgarian.

We hope you will enjoy and profit from the course, and we would be grateful if you would share with us your experience with the course, as well as any comments and suggestions about how we can keep improving it.

Good luck!

The Easy Bulgarian Team

More about the Online Course

The Easy Bulgarian Online Course consists of 9 units. First of all, you will learn the alphabet and the correct pronunciation. In developing this course we have assumed that you would like to learn Bulgarian for reading as well as for speaking. If you use any course that only makes use of Latin transcription, you are sure to be left illiterate in a country where only the Cyrillic letters are used. That's why we make sure you learn and use the Cyrillic (Bulgarian) letters. You will, however, find Latin transciption in Units Alphabet, 1, 2 and 3 in this course to ease your transition from English (Latin) to Cyrillic letters. That will make your life in Bulgaria a lot easier, since you will be able to read signs, etc.

Learn Bulgarian Language

Throughout the course you will be listening to a variety of dialogs, recorded by native Bulgarian speakers, and learn ing key phrases and grammatical concepts. The dialogs are not only translated by meaning but you can also just point with the mouse over any words or phrases, and be shown its literal meaning, so that you learn to grasp how we, Bulgarians, express our thoughts. And, of course, you will also be able to test your knowledge in the Exercises section of each unit, and check your answers immediately.

The Easy Bulgarian language course has proved to be especially valuable to those of you who have a Bulgarian loved one and want to surprise her / him with some of the numerous romantic words and phrases we have included. This is the first Bulgarian language course ever to include a unit on love and romance phrases. Please, also do not forget that we offer personal one on one tutoring in Bulgarian, as well as English - Bulgarian and Bulgarian - English translation services.

Please share with us your comments and suggestions about the course, or any thoughts you might have about the Bulgarian language, people, and culture. Spam us with your thoughts!

The Easy Bulgarian Team


en español
El curso de bulgaro para hispanoparlantes


I am very interested to learn Bulgarian language because my boyfriend is from Bulgaria. I find it absolutely necessary to have some knowledge as I like travelling with him in Bulgaria and communicate with Bulgarian s on a basic level. This course is the first I've ever seen that has a wealth of lovely romantic phrases to learn which come accompanied by audio recordings!

Maria Romero, Spain

Maria.Romero [at] ec1.bp.com




I visited Bulgaria some time ago, and made friends there. I got very interested in their culture and language, and later found out this course, I think it's the only online Bulgarian language course. This language course is well structured and would like to recommend it to those beginning to learn Bulgarian.

Mabel Calvente, Argentina

mcalvente [at] yahoo.com.ar

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Bulgarian in a nutshell

The official language of Bulgaria is Bulgarian. It's alphabet is called Cyrillic. The script is said to have been created in the 9th century by Saint Climent, a disciple of the Salonica brothers Saints Cyril (hence, Cyrillic alphabet) and Methodius, Bulgarian missionaries commissioned by the Byzantine emperor to translate the New Testament into Old Bulgarian (Old Church Slavonic). The Cyrillic alphabet is based in large part on the Greek alphabet, however, a few letters were created to represent Slavic sounds that didn't have Greek equivalents.

Currently, the Cyrillic alphabet is in use in the following Slavic countries: Macedonia, Serbia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and, naturally, Bulgaria. It is also the official writing system in Mongolia.

Tips on how to learn Bulgarian

Setting out to study Bulgarian may evoke memories of past attempts at learning a foreign language, be it in high school or college, with all the ensuing tedious memorization of words, and phrases, and grammar rules. For many, it appears that the results are not worth all the effort, and they soon abandon their dream of becoming more proficient in the language of their choice.

It is very important to know how to go about learn ing a foreign language, especially one that is quite different form English, such as Bulgarian. Every student has a different way of learning just as different proffesors have different ways of teaching. Nevertheless, regardless of your reason to learn Bulgarian, there are a few rules of thumb one has to keep in mind:

Create a routine. Spend some time on the web at a set hour of the day (lunchtime, for instance), and try to do one of the language activities at Easy Bulgarian.

Learn Bulgarian Set yourself a long-term goal, and also a short-term goal. If you have Bulgarian friends, for example in the town or village where you have bought property in Bulgaria (or properties), then a short-term goal would be to think of visiting them this week and exchange a few phrases in Bulgarian. The long-term goal might be to learn the whole study material included in the Easy Bulgarian courses and visit our country - there's so much to be explored here. Without strong, well-defined goal, you will hardly have much motivation to study day in, day out.

Learn Bulgarian You shouldn't worry too much about making mistakes. The ones who never make mistakes, never try to do anything, and that in itself is quite a mistake. It's normal to make mistakes while you are practising your growing knowledge of the language. Always have in mind that Bulgarians will be very pleased with your attempts to speak their language, and you will get closer to them, more so than other foreigners who do not try to learn at least a few phrases.

Learn Bulgarian It is of utmost importance to read about the Bulgarian people, culture and history. The more you get to know the culture, the more your interest will be aroused, and the more motivation you will have to proceed with the Easy Bulgarian course in order to learn Bulgarian.

Learn Bulgarian It is better to study for brief periods of time and more frequently than long and not often. Persistence pays off.

Learn Bulgarian Studying lists of words and phrases is usually not the most favourite language activity. However, there is no learn ing without memorization. You have to learn those phrases by heart. There is a wonderful method you can employ in order to facilitate the memorization process. For every new Bulgarian phrase that you want to learn think of a ridiculous image that would make you recall the phrases. For example: in Bulgarian "I am" is "Az sum" which sounds like "awesome". So, if your name is John, picture yourself introducing yourself to a Bulgarian saying "Awesome John!" The trick is to always think of funny images to help you learn Bulgarian. Emotions will help you more than pure logic when it comes to learn ing words and phrases.

Learn Bulgarian Practice mentally. Think of the Bulgarian words for naming common objects you encounter in your daily life. When you're walking on the street, for instance, think "kola" when you see a car, "kafene" when you see a cafe, "hora" for people, "mazh" for a man, "momiche" for a woman, etc. etc. Just put the words and phrases you're studying to mental practice, even if you are not in a Bulgarian-speaking environment; this will enormously help you to learn faster.

Learn Bulgarian Listen to the dialogs of the Easy Bulgarian course looking at their English translations, then without looking at the written words at all. Do this several times until you fully understand the dialog in Bulgarian without looking at the text. You might find it hard at first but it pays off when you come to speak it. Everybody is a child in the beginning.


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